FLAC (software)

If you want to convert audio files to or from FLAC, it is important to first install the FLAC software. You’ll have to download FLAC here and you can find documentation about the software here and here .

You can then use the software directly from the command line. Alternatively, installing the FLAC software will allow you to use the wav2flac function in the seewave package for R. See Converting audio files with R .

Installing FLAC #

Using FLAC with seewave #

TODO See ffmpeg/path/flac/ installation etc if this function doesn’t work. wav2flac has default settings for exe and path.)

Take note of the exename and path2exe settings in the examples below. If you are using windows, path2exe should specify the folder which contains flac.exe. If you are using macOS, the directory that flac is installed should be listed in your $PATH variable for the function to work.

Using FLAC in the command line #

Example #

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In Powershell, this command will convert the assigned FLAC file to WAVE and save it with the same name, in the same folder as the original. The original file will not be removed.

flac -d "D:\Recording_Check\64\253\20200117T000000+1000.flac"