FL008 Invalid datestamps in file names (space instead of a zero)

Invalid datestamps in file names (space instead of a zero) #

Problem ID Manufacturer Affected Firmware Affected Hardware Status
FL008 Frontier Labs 3.08 BAR-LT New/unconfirmed

It appears that some files produced by the BAR-LTs are emitted with a filename that has a faulty time stamp.

Such files appear to sometimes have a 0 leading digit in the day field of the datestamp replaced with a (a space). The problem does not seem to apply when the day of the month is greater or equal to 10 (i.e. when a non-zero is required in the datestamp) and does not affect the daily sub-directories created by the sensors.

Excerpts from the log files confirm a space is used instead of a 0 in the sensors’s view of the world - this is not a bug with the sensor.

Some files from our filesystem:

  • ./255/445/20190324_AAO/20190324T060000+1000_REC.flac
  • ./255/445/20190508_AAO/201905 8T020000+1000_REC.flac
  • ./255/445/20190508_AAO/201905 8T200000+1000_REC.flac
  • ./255/445/20190415_AAO/20190415T200000+1000_REC.flac
  • ./255/445/20190408_AAO/201904 8T060000+1000_REC.flac
  • ./255/445/20190405_AAO/201904 5T080000+1000_REC.flac

A count of affected files finds the problem in 1499 files out of 5572 (26%).

Status of the problem #

Minor issue, the correct data is in the header for the files.

Status with vendor #

FL is not aware of the problem yet. We will reach out for comment soon.

Effects of the problem in common tools #

Most tools we are aware of do not cater for date stamps with spaces in place of 0 digits.

  • EMU does not handle this (issue: )
  • AP.exe does not handle this date format
  • The acoustic workbench does not handle this date format

Example files #