Some of available repositories

  • Ecosounds is a repository of environmental audio recordings. The repository contains information and audio recording annotations for fauna that make human-audible sounds. The repository includes recordings from a wide range of environments and are available for use by ecologists and other parties interested in conservation.
  • Australian Acoustic Observatory - A2O is a continental-scale acoustic sensor network, recording for a five-year period across multiple Australian ecosystems. The data are freely available to researchers, citizen scientists, and the general public.
  • Rainforest Connection - Arbimon is a company dedicated to supporting the bioacoustics and ecoacoustics communities with tools and technology to increase your overall impact in the conservation space. The Arbimon service is a free cloud-based analytical tool for audio files.
  • Wildlife Acoustics Cloud - Kaleidoscope is a versatile bioacoustics sound analysis tool and a repository package. Kaleidoscope helps you more quickly identify species and report on findings.