Software Comparison

The following is an (incomplete) list of Ecoacoustics analysis software that we know of.

Name Paid? Open? Location Interface Performance Acoustic Indices User Guide
Kaleidoscope Pro 5 Local GUI
Raven Pro Local GUI Quantitative assessment of detector performance
AviaNZ Local GUI Can test recogniser with performance metrics calculations.
RFCx Arbimon Cloud GUI Yes - webpage guides available on website.
Ecosounds Cloud GUI Summary and spectral indices Mostly no - some workshops / tutorials on website
QUT Ecoacoustics Analysis Programs Local Command line Summary and spectral indices Yes - some workshops / tutorials on website
BioSounds ? Local (with internet connection) GUI N/A
BioAcoustica Cloud GUI N/A Yes - help pages / guides available on BioAcoustica website.
Bugg Cloud Unknown Unknown Unknown N/A
Seewave Library API (R Library) N/A Yes - reference manual & Vignette
MonitoR Library API (R Library) (1) Can compare results from template detection to manually annotated spectrogram (2) Can compare performance of multiple templates and evaluate similarity between templates Yes - reference manual & Vignette