FL012 Data chunk size is zero

Data chunk size is zero #

Problem ID Manufacturer Affected Firmware Fixed in firmware Affected Hardware Status
FL012 Frontier Labs 3.01 N/A BAR? draft/unknown

Related to FL003 and FL005 , however it seems distinct since the files are.

We’ve been given a sample of a file that is from a FL sensor but that has a data chunk value of 0. Additionally, the RIFF chunk size is 36.

Otherwise the file seems to be fine - there seems to be valid samples right through the file (not typical of FL003 and it is a full-size file (158,535,680 bytes)).

screenshot of header

Note the value of the 0x00_00_00_24 (36) just after RIFF and the value 0x00_00_00_00 (0) just after data.

Open questions:

  • Is this a variant of FL005 ?
    • I’ve not grouped it in because in theory FL005 has been fixed
    • and because data size was always 44 in that issue
  • Is this a one-off. So far we’ve seen no other reports of this oddity

Status #

Unknown: non-replicated problem

Status with the vendor #

Vendor has not been contacted

Effects on common tools #

Acoustic Workbench (Ecosounds, A2O) #

Currently fail - ungracefully - to harvest files.

Audacity #

Fails to open the file

AP/various R tools #

Fail to read the files - after reading 0 for data chunk size the tools infer 0 samples and don’t/can’t process any data.

ffmpeg/ffprobe #

ffprobe can ignore the bad chunk size and estimate the duration of the file.

sox does not report the duration.


Emu has no support for this problem. Tracking issue: https://github.com/QutEcoacoustics/emu/issues/254

Examples #

No publicly available samples have been released. Please contribute.