Demo Audio files #

There is a shared dataset used for some of the practicals. You can download it from here: .

The total size of the shared data is ≈1.8 GB.


extract destination

The practicals will assume you’ve downloaded these files to C:\2022 Ecoacoustics Symposium or /2022 Ecoacoustics Symposium. You can move or remove the entire directory after the practical.

Software #

Linux #

Windows #

  • Highly recommend installing Windows Terminal
    • Some computers do not allow installing apps from the Microsoft Store. If this happens to you, then just make sure you follow the PowerShell install steps below.
  • Install Chocolatey
    • Chocolatey is a package manager that allows you to install new apps
  • Install ffmpeg with choco install ffmpeg (use an Administrator prompt)
  • Install AnalysisPrograms (AP)
  • Install EMU

macOS #